Getting started

Erisia uses the MCUpdater framework for distributing pack updates. Using this is moderately complex, compared to e.g. ATLauncher, but it also allows for quick updates.

To get started:

  1. First of all, make sure you join chat. The preferred option is IRC, at channel #erisia. This channel is linked to the servers, and is an excellent place to get help or generally hang out. If you don't have a preferred IRC client, click the 'IRC' link on the menubar. Discord is a reasonable alternative.
  2. Make sure you have 64-bit Java 8 installed.
  3. Download and run MCU-Bootstrap.
  4. Select the correct instance from the instance list, on the left.
  5. Take a look at the mods list. Many of these are optional. Defaults have been provided, but use your own judgement.
    Better Foliage, for example, has a significant FPS impact on slower graphic processors.
  6. Click update
  7. While updating, join our mailing list. It's low-traffic. We won't spam you, but important announcements are posted here.
  8. After the update is done: The default memory allocation is 5GB, which is the bare minimum. If your computer has more than 8GB of memory then you'll want to increase the allocation. You can change max memory size in the settings screen.
  9. Click launch.

If you're lucky, this will let you into Erisia. If not, please make sure you're actually using 64-bit Java 8; if you aren't using that, you're going to need to delete the installation directory before trying again. Otherwise, ask for assistance on IRC.

Depending on your OS, here's where to find it: