To our little home away from home.

Here, have a look at the newest gallery for our server. Or, if you're historically inclined, there are some (unorganized) pictures from previous iterations as well.

In case you're new here, Erisia is currently running a moderately modified FTB Revelation. Look at the tab list above, and you'll find setup instructions as well as a live map.

Erisia is a long-run survival server. This means that it's not reset once per month — and usually not every three months, either. We aim for each iteration to last around six months, though we're not always successful.

This means that you should build with an eye to architecture. If you want to come in, 'win' the game, and then wait for the reset — then so be it, we won't stop you, but the reset won't happen. If you enjoy building beautiful cities, however, then Erisia may be the place for you.

Cooperation is encouraged, though not enforced. We understand that everyone has their own playstyle, and won't enforce our own views save that any actions which might force a server reset will be vetoed. However, Erisia has unusually good monitoring, admin skill and backups, so you don't need to be afraid. Mistakes will not be punished, and we won't lose your builds.

The reason you should build in multiplayer, and not on your own, is because visiting other people and discussing your builds is also fun, and often so is collaboration. The reason you should do so here, and not on a different server, is for the people you can find here.


Now, some limits on use of admin powers... - Baughn